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Gift Certificate Printing

Top TEN Reasons Why You Should Use Paper Gift Certificates:

  1. Paper gift certificates are made more secure than plastic gift cards; there is absolutely no security in a magnetic strip.

  2. Paper gift certificates cost less to produce than plastic gift cards, and as such you will not be forced to charge your customers user fees or delinquency fees.

  3. Paper gift certificates provide, on average, over 290% more marketing area to promote YOUR business than a plastic gift card.

  4. Paper gift certificate data storage is yours, on your site, with your system, not on the web with someone else's system.

  5. Paper gift certificates allow you to provide your customers with either set value or whatever value of certificate YOUR customers wish.

  6. Paper gift certificates' financial handling charges per transaction are significantly LOWER than those of plastic gift cards.

  7. Paper gift certificates allow your customers to instantly know the value of the gift they have received, no guessing or surprises.

  8. Paper gift certificates require LESS inventory than plastic gift cards to achieve the same total sales volume.

  9. Paper gift certificates do NOT require you to apologize for all the bad press or legislation of plastic gift cards.

  10. Paper gift certificates are 100% environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and 100% GREEN.

Technolutions Company Inc. exclusively utilizes the services of Quatro Security Printing and Quatro Card Technology to produce completely secure paper gift certificates and plastic gift cards.  Quatro provides unparalleled quality and professionalism in all aspects of the print process, distribution and secure data integrity.

Technolutions and Quatro undertake everyday to ensure that fraud does not slow down the flow of your business, damage your image, cause monetary losses or consume time on reconciliations, forensic accounting or criminal investigation.

Technolutions and Quatro have practical methods to prevent print-related fraud in your organization.  We only utilize security paper stock in our printing processes that offer significant protection against fraud of sensitive documents.  This is only the first step in a line of security safeguards that we utilize to protect your documents.

All gift certificates and gift cards are produced in our secure production facilities.  Your documents can benefit from a line of pre-press and press applied security features that can be incorporated into your documents.  Such features include; fluorescent fibers, watermarks in the paper, acid and bleach stain reactors, micro printing, thermo chromic, ultraviolet, infra red and fluorescent inks, specialty sequential numbering in MICR, barcode numbering, hot stamped foils, pantographic fraud patterns, specialty packaging and others.

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