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Technolutions' gift certificate software products securely and completely manage every aspect of a gift certificate program no matter the size or scope.  Add in the fact that paper gift certificates are extremely secure, completely customizable, inexpensive and best of all, GREEN, your new or even existing program will be far more effective and efficient.


All our gift certificate software products operate in a secure and fully network ready environment, providing you with the lowest cost per transaction, lowest cost per redeemed dollar, lowest cost per sales station and the highest return on investment, period.


Finally, there is Technolutions’ legendary customer service, ensuring you and your program are always up and running.  Please review below our three award winning software titles, each suited to specific mode of gift certificate program operation.


Pre-Printed Gift Certificate Management Software


    Gift Certificate Manager - Professional Edition

            Gift Certificate Manager – Professional Edition is the perfect tool to manage all aspects of a pre-printed
            denominational gift certificate program


            Gift Certificate Manager – Professional Edition provides you with the peace of mind in knowing that your
            entire program, no matter the size, is completely secure and that you have total control over each and
            every aspect of its operation from any desktop on your network, in real time, instantly.




Print-on-Demand Gift Certificate Management Software


    Check Writer

            If it is a bare bones gift certificate printing system that you need, then Check Writer is your answer;
            secure, multiple user and network ready but without any advanced management, marketing or
            accounting functionality.  Just click and print.




    Gift Certificate Manager - Publisher Edition

            Gift Certificate Manager - Publisher Edition is without question the finest print-on-demand gift certificate
available on the market today.


            Fully compliant with all current international standards for check or gift certificate production output,
            simple, very user friendly, fast and extremely affordable, Gift Certificate Manager - Publisher Edition is the
            one software solution that your gift certificate program must be built on; a truly solid foundation with
            unlimited expandability.



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