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Support Manager
                                NETWORK LICENSE ONLY $500

Support Manager began as a Technolutions' internal project that would only take a couple of days to put together, and would provide us with a structured control over our HELP Desk; well, that couples of days have actually turned out to be almost two years.

It appeared that we would never be able to complete the project, for as soon as we provided it to our own in-house Technical Support Department, they would immediately state; "Support Manager was great, but do you know what would make it fantastic!"  We listened, changed, added, refined and then went through that process more times then we would like to remember, but now we really do have something that pretty much does it all.

You can begin with a single client location, a complete organization or a single person.  It logs everything you need to know to provide the ultimate in Customer Service and Support.  Add to that the capability to report all your activities back out; you now have a product that will dynamically assist you in fixing the past and improving the future, both internally and externally.
Try it for 30 days, risk free, and see for yourself how it can assist you in improving your support service


      Data gathering – unlimited clients
      Customizable – create your own categories and or services
      Historical – records available at touch of a key
      Tracks – minutes, hours, who, what, where and when
      Operates – on all Microsoft® Windows operating systems, including Vista


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