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EBanker Module* - ONLY $250

This may not look like much to you

J000005051895000000050020105073200325322                                        J000005052155000000050020105073200418539                                        J000005052301000000050020105073200439226                                        J000005052313000000050020105073200322800

but to Gift Certificate Manager with the EBanker Add-On module, it looks like 100% accuracy.

To your payroll, it will look like found money due to the hours saved in clearing redeemed gift certificates, and to your Gift Certificate Program Administrator, it will look like the most important tool you have ever provided them with.

Instantly import and clear thousands of redeemed gift certificates in seconds, and any exceptions are reported by serial number, value, date, and most importantly, the reason for the exception.  It simply does not get easier or better!

Now your Gift Certificate Program Administrator only has to review the exceptions, not the thousands of certificates just to find the exceptions.

*Requires the appropriate service provided by your financial institution.  Additional transactional charges may apply.


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